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American Fire Protection provides design, fabrication, installation, service, and inspections of fire sprinkler systems of all types, including fire pumps. We will design systems for new construction and retrofit for renovation/restoration projects for commercial and residential buildings along with inspections, 24-hour emergency service and maintenance.


24-hr Emergency Service

Contact the office between 8:00 am-5:00 pm and you will be greeted by a live person. Should your problem arise after hours either click here to send an email or call the main office, follow the instructions below and one of our expert staff will contact you as soon as the message is received.

When you call our main office number (410) 363-3978 you will hear a message: Thank you for calling American Fire Protection, our office is currently closed. If this is an emergency press star (*), to access our company directory press 2, to leave a general voice message press 3. Press the appropriate number (*, 2 or 3) at any time and leave a message with your information, including the problem, contact name, and number, and one of our service technicians will respond as soon as they receive the message which will be within the hour. Within 4 hours we are at the site fixing the problem.


Commercial/Residential Installation:

  1. Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems:
    A sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers attached to a piping system containing water and connected to a water supply so that water discharges immediately from sprinklers opened by heat from a fire.
  2. Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems:
    A sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers that are attached to a piping system containing air or nitrogen under pressure, the release of which (as from the opening of a sprinkler) permits the water pressure to open a valve known as a dry pipe valve, and the water then flows into the piping system and out the opened sprinklers.
  3. Deluge Sprinkler Systems:
    A sprinkler system employing open sprinklers that are attached to a piping system that is connected to a water supply through a valve that is opened by the operation of a detection system installed in the same areas as the sprinklers. When this valve opens, water flows into the piping system and discharges from all sprinklers attached hereto.
  4. Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems:
    A sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers that are attached to a piping system that contains air that might or might not be under pressure, with a supplemental detection system installed in the same areas as sprinklers.
  5. Fire Pumps:
    A pump supplying water at the flow and pressure required by water based fire protection systems.


  1. Fire Sprinkler Inspections
    Fire sprinkler systems are required to be inspected in accordance with NFPA 25. Our highly trained technicians can inspect and service all types of sprinkler systems. Our staff keeps a record of when inspections were last performed and when they are due so you never have to worry about being delinquent on required inspections. We provide a copy of the inspection report at the time of the test, along with a copy mailed out to your main office or management company. We can also provide training in the proper use and maintenance of your system so in a fire situation everyone will be prepared to respond appropriately.
  2. Fire Pump Test
  3. Fire Pumps are often neglected yet an essential part of automatic fire protection system. If a fire pump fails to operate the entire system may fail. Routine inspection and testing requirements are intended to prevent a pump failure. Our trained technicians will provide installation, inspection and service capabilities, which includes the tools and manpower to support any fire pump in operation. It is recommended that the fire pump be operated 30 minutes weekly, and a full fire pump flow test annually. Our staff will instruct your competent person how to run the weekly tests. Our company will provide the tests annually. All functions of the fire pump controller should also be tested at least annually. After the tests are completed, you will receive a test report describing which tests were conducted and settings of all time delay devices. The report will include test results for operation of the pump, driver and controller, along with a graph comparing the current test results against the certified curve report. A trending comparison of year-by-year results can show early indication of problems before they become life threatening.
  4. Fire Hydrant Test
  5. Our trained personnel can perform the required inspection and testing of fire hydrants located on private property as required by NFPA 25 (National Fire Protection Association) and AWWA M17 (American Water Works Association manual of water supply practices). Please see the information listed below for requirements and definitions.
  6. Flow Test
  7. Underground and exposed piping shall be flow tested to determine the internal condition of the piping at minimum 5-year intervals. Contact us for more information.
  8. Central Sprinkler Recall (click here to read more)
  9. One of our expert staff can assist you in determining if you have recall heads and provide you with a proposal to have them replaced.

Latest Updates

  • January 5, 2016
    Career Opportunities
    Estimators - A candidate with at least 5 years of experience of estimating in the fire sprinkler industry.

    Engineer/Designers - a candidate with at least 5 years experience using autocad. NICET certified a plus.

    Inspector - seeking experienced fire sprinkler technicians to join our growing team.

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  • April 3, 2012
    Classic logo returns!
    After experimenting with a new logo design AFP returns to classic 1974 cartoon sprinkler logo.

  • March 28, 2012
    Field opportunities
    Please call the office for employment opportunities or submit an application online. Interviews will be conducted upon management's availability.

  • January 1, 2012
    American Fire Protection launches new website.

  • January 1, 2012
    Happy New Year
    Bring in the New Year safely.

  • December 25, 2011
    Christmas time!
    Ho Ho Ho!.

  • October 9, 2011
    37th Anniversary (incorporated 10/9/74)

    "Fire Protection Before You Need It!"

Video - The video below is of a foam test performed after the company installed foam
generators, a fire pump and fire sprinklers at the Davison Hangar at Ft. Belvoir,
which is where the President's helicopters are stored and maintained.